Tracing the origin of electricity in real-time...



Consumers care about the origin of their electricity.

Show it to them using our API.

..and forecasting it



By planning ahead, devices could use electricity at better times.

Forecasting enables lower emissions, higher renewables and cheaper electricity.

A global and comprehensive signal

Multiple dimensions

Marginal carbon intensity

Percentage of renewable

Detailed breakdown per source

Global coverage

50+ countries

Standardized across regions

Includes imports & exports

Guaranteed uptime

24/7 support

High availability guaranteed

Available in 105 geographies

Monthly subscription per geography *


with Forecast (72h)

Carbon intensity (in gCO2eq/kWh) €50 €150
+ Origin of power consumed by fuel source (35% coal, 25% wind...) + €20 + €20
Marginal carbon intensity (in gCO2eq/kWh) €200 Included



* For up to 10,000 devices displaying this data.
30% discount applicable for universities, non-profit organisations, and clients based in low and lower middle income countries on the World Bank list of economies

How our technology works


Energy flows quickly and with little friction inside power grids, and thus, a small change in production or exchanges will affect the source of electricity consumed thousands of kilometers away.

We have to process more than 300 events per minute using our coupled flow equations in order to compute the physical origin of electricity at each point of the electrical grid.

Using advanced Machine Learning techniques learning from our vast amount of data, we detect patterns and correlations in space and time, allowing us to forecast the next 72 hours globally and in real-time.